Ironically, I don’t know where to begin.

I’m not even sure I entirely know what I’m going to write about.

I DO know I will be bringing you weekly blogs on various topics! Topics will range from things that peek my interests.

Topics will range from but not limited to:

  • Weight Loss/Fitness
  • Relationships
  • Professional Wrestling/Sports Entertainment
  • Life Experiences
  • Everything in-between

I’ve found that writing has been therapeutic for me, as I’m sure it is for most of you. I find it fascinating that people don’t write as much. Could it be because social media has consumed nearly all of our time? Maybe.

Could it be that we’re so enamored with what other people think/say that we just choose to align ourselves with their views/opinions without forming opinions of our own? Maybe. The latter seems to be more accurate from my social journey through the years. I’ve found most people can’t formulate their own thoughts, thus we have a hodgepodge of rhetoric based off of other people’s opinions and not necessarily our own.

To me, that’s disheartening. Simple research would do a good majority of people a major service. The majority of us have the power to use the Internet 24/7 at our leisure. We just choose not to because it’s easier to follow someone else.

We’ve become lazy as a society. We’ve allowed bad behavior to take precedent over true power – knowledge/wisdom. We’re too busy figuring out ourselves while simultaneously trying to fit into the status quo. Anyone who knows me knows I march to the beat of my own drum. I don’t adhere to the “rules” set forth by society. I have my own way of thinking and quite frankly, it works for me. It’s only supposed to work for me. That’s what makes us all unique and different.

Maybe for my 2nd entry I’ll try to come up with a few adjectives to describe who I am for those who are new here. I promise, I’m fair! I view the world slightly different and that – I’m okay with. I’m no different than anyone else; I’m simply me – Vlad.

I look forward to writing these blog posts.  I can assure you they will be can’t miss!  With that said, thank you for stopping by the website. I’m thrilled and honored you chose to take a few minutes to give me your attention. Truly means the world to me.

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Aiiight! I’ll holla.

– Vlad