As we approach the launch of my new website, I’d like to personally thank my Webmaster and friend Charles Johnston and the great folks over at HeartWired Digital Solutions who put this whole thing together.


I’m confident Charles, my team, and I will bring you an amazing interactive experience with fresh new ideas, content, and apparel. As we grow the website and the VLAD brand, we can’t do it alone.


There will be a donation link at the end of this blog where you can send a donation to help fund this website along with all our upcoming projects. It costs money to make money; however, it’s not a requirement.


Anything from $1 to whatever your heart desires will go towards building this website, buying equipment for content, funding our manufacturer for merchandise, and overall keeping the brand alive.

This is where you will get all the latest and up to date information on me. I look forward to growing this thing as big as we can. Everybody starts somewhere. I just know, I can’t do it alone.

Thank you in advance for contributing to this website. There will be freelance work available for artists of all kinds in the coming weeks/months.

Love always.

– Vlad